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As avid book readers, we all secretly fantasize about owning a gazillion books one day. What if you could carry a thousand books altogether, with just one device? Wouldn’t that be absolutely amazing? And let’s admit, no matter how bad we want to, we can never travel with our entire library. Imagine the number of suitcases that would take! So until someone creates a magical beaded handbag, where we could stash away our entire collection, it’s time to make our lives a little easier and purchase a Kindle Paperwhite E-reader today!


Some specifications of this device are as follows:

•    Display: Amazon’s 6" Paperwhite display, 300 ppi, optimized font technology, 16-level grayscale. Thus, Kindle Paperwhite offers the same display as its more expensive counterpart, the Kindle Voyage.
•    On-Device Storage: Holds over 1,000 books
•    Battery Life: A single charge lasts up to eight weeks, based on a half hour of reading per day, with wireless off and the light setting at 10. 
•    Charge time: Fully charges in approximately 4 hours.
•    Warranty and Service: 1-year limited warranty and service included.



Why Users Love Kindle Paperwhite:

With its outstanding features, Kindle Paperwhite has gained widespread approval from the E-readers. What makes Kindle Paperwhite E-reader stand apart is that unlike the reflective screens of tablets, you don’t experience any glare in bright sunlight.  
Reading is all about good visibility, and the Kindle Paperwhite offers that. Users love this device because it’s easier on the eyes and makes reading convenient as compared to tablets, which tend to strain the eyes.  This is coupled with a high-resolution display of 300 ppi, which makes the screen appear crisp and clear, much like the appearance of a printed page. This refines the user’s reading experience. Additionally, Kindle Paperwhite uses digital ink technology, which makes for incredible viewing.

Another outstanding feature of this device is that it features Bookerly, an exclusive font crafted from the ground up to revitalize the reading experience. It offers good visibility at different font sizes. Users can change the font size according to their needs, an advantage not offered by printed books. 

Since reading requires the prolonged holding of the device, the Kindle Paperwhite has expertly addressed this problem. Thinner than a pencil, lighter than a paperback, the Kindle Paperwhite can be comfortably held in one hand for prolonged periods of time. It is even lighter than an iPad mini.

To make reading convenient and to avoid breaking your momentum, this Kindle comes equipped with a battery that lasts for weeks! You can read for days (and nights) at a time without ever having to worry about running out on battery. 

As if all this wasn’t enough, it has a built-in light, which enables you to read in the dark without making your eyes strain. This is vastly convenient when compared to the discomfort of having to hold a book in one hand and an emergency light in the other. Thus, it makes your late night reading convenient and no one would suspect that you are up past your bedtime (a major relief for the bookworm community). 

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader has an upgraded processor, which is tantamount to smoother page turns and navigation. Users enjoy the lag-free usability of the device. Not only this, there has been an upgrade in the software in the form of picture-in-picture screen. With this feature, you can navigate menus, look up words in the dictionary (built-in as well as on Wikipedia) without leaving the current page. This is a major advantage as compared to traditional books, whereby you have to look up words in a dictionary, which can be a major turn off for many readers. 

Another noticeable upgrade is the page flip feature. You can browse through the pages in the popup window that opens without leaving your current page. With Kindle E-reader you can also build your vocabulary. It archives all the words that you look up the meaning of and displays them in the form of flash cards, helping you to learn new words.

To wrap up, even though traditional book readers find it difficult to switch to an E-reader, it is worth a try because of the numerous advantages that Kindle Paperwhite has to offer.